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Arte + Fe exhibits possibly in Brasil in 2013

After Madrid and Lisbon, now Rio de Janeiro is expected to house the Arte + Fe exposition next. It will be one of numerous activities organised around the World Youth Day (WYD) in 2013, which will be held from 23th to 28th of July 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The Arte + Fe (faith) 2012 exhibition at the Sala do Risco in Lisbon was a great success. The exposition was previously held at the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid.  

Adriana Torres, the artist from Sevilla, and María Tarruella went over to Lisbon to bring down the exhibition, which took about six hours to pack with great precision and care. It is now safely back in Madrid under curation of the Arte + Fe custody. The curator of the Arte + Fe, María Tarruella, is working for the possibility of going to the World Youth day in Rio de Janeiro next summer.

Because of several guided tours and school visits, Isabel Alçada, the curator of the Centro Cultural Pedro Hispano, the private Foundation that organized the exhibition, was amazed how the artworks touched so many people and said 'it was a great success!' Isabel has been absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful and Arte + Fe was very blessed by having her guard over the artworks.

The president and founder of the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation, Sarai Aser de Kruijf has her work as a professional artist Virginidad on display at the exposition. 

At the Arte + Fe exhibit contemporary art plays a crucial role from visual arts of faith by artists from all over the world. It is their hope that this inspired art, by means of a re-occuring gallery show, may find its way to the high- and byways of our culture and artists need not work in isolation anymore. 


Arte + Fe at the Sala do Risco in Lisbon, Portugal

Agnus Dei

Virginidad at the Sala do Risco

The World Youth Day (WYD) is an international event, organized by the Catholic Church, which brings together youth from all around the world.


See the press release cutting that came out in the cover of a Portuguese newspaper that informed on the exhibition Arte + Fe.