Welcome at Euro Latin Photographers Foundation
Creating opportunities for talented people in Latin and South American countries

The Problem - What is the case?

In many Latin and South American countries art and photography are undervalued (skill)elements. It is the argument that art does not economically contribute to education and economics of people in this society. The founder of Euro Latin Photographers Foundation (ELPF), Mrs. Sarai-Aser, had the same experience in her life. She arguments to use her skill as a photographer and to choose to go and work for her own survival. During her life experience, the idea was born to develop photography and image-art in those countries. In most Latin and South American countries, the political and democratic process, are still in its infancy. Just think of  the seventies and eighties when it was impossible to talk about democratic freedoms.

Self-development through photography

The aim of this new foundation is to develop and promote that; talent in art, (art)photography and skilled photography, will get more structure in the countries in Latin and South America. Skilled photography and other art forms are the basis of acknowledgement and recognition of self-awareness within culture formation. It is our contribution to sustainable development. Through the exchange of knowledge, technology and information, we also create a social assistance program by artists and photographers in our international photographers association.

The case for action

Did you know?
A quarter of the population of developing countries still lives on less than $ 1.25 a day.
A quarter of all developing-country children are malnourished.
Their main goals are to get by. Thinking about a career in photography remains a dream for many.
Much of the population, as opposed to high-income countries, live in physically exposed locations and economic precarious conditions. Reduce their vulnerability and finance social assistance by sponsoring the Dutch Euro Latin Photographers Foundation.