Welcome at Euro Latin Photographers Foundation
Creating opportunities for talented people in Latin and South American countries

Our policy

The Euro Latin Photographers Foundation presents in its program between the Netherlands and the other partner countries, among others, to ensure that:

  • Professional knowledge by developing training modules and technical support is realised
  • Providing a financial and a social basis
  • Cooperation with foreign governments
  • Holding lectures and workshop activities
  • Creating social support and social awareness through targeted marketing communications
  • Establishments of country and photo clubs
  • Promote exchange between the Netherlands and partner countries.


Local involvement

The Euro Latin Photographers Foundation (ELPF) stands for community-based involvement with local photographers. The enhancement of local photographers is a certain element of the ELPF that contributes to the regional successes the ELPF has already had so far. Our local involvement is important because many in marginal city areas prone to flooding or near waste dumps, with a lack of education and poor job skills leaves those earning only 40 percent of the minimum salary.

Cultural preservation

Especially in low human population densities there isn't the access in small villages to preserve all the good things, the rich culture and history that each village naturally possesses. It is by documenting through skilled photography by its inhabitants the ELPF plays a crucial role. Together with your help we create some benefits which in some Latin-American countries typically do not accrue to the poor.

The ELPF aids to communities in facilitating artisticity, we formulate integrated lessons, which address to the needs and support their entrepreneurial abilities and technical skills. The forward-looking plans of the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation identify alternatives, a new source of livelihood, by means of photography.

The work of the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation can not be implemented without your moral and financial support.