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Creating opportunities for talented people in Latin and South American countries

Opportunities for self-development

The Euro Latin Photographers Foundation (ELPF) is a nonprofit organization that through photographic expression, creates opportunities for talented people outside the Netherlands. Especially in areas where war, poverty, hunger, disease (HIV), senseless violence, child abuse are problems which occur daily. With our organization, ELPF would like to create a change in thinking. Through our commitment, it is our aim to avoid social unrest in countries such as ArgentinaBolivia, Chile, Venezuela and Peru


Be a part of the ELPF by contributing to our fund. Together we can help bring a stop to social instability and inequality, also help children realize their ambitions. Together with the ELPF you are able to give the children in these countries a choice for a career they ambition. By means of art and culture the ELPF inspires and promotes the awareness for their own existence. Art and culture help create a firm identity, also help to answer the questions like: 'who am I, where do I come from and where am I going?' These questions, about ones own identity, are vital to help find their way in the future in a globalised world.

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