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februari 6th 2013

Porta-School Crowd funding

Porta-School has completed it's Business Plan. If you'd like to invest in this potentially Billion Dollar business, please visit http://www.fundable.com/porta-school/ where our fundraising campaign is active. Our business plan is also avail.. Read more »
17 June 2012

South America Virtual School

The South America Virtual School is a partnership project between the World Virtual School of the United States and the Kades Barnea Foundation and the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation of the Netherlands. The goal and mission of these two founda.. Read more »
April 18th 2012

Chile and South Korea celebrate 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations

1962 was the year of the establisment of diplomatic relations between Chile and South Korea. Since then the two countries have moved friendly and cooperative relations forward in various areas while sharing the universal values of democracy and h.. Read more »
29th of September, 2011

Chile and Peru open virtual schools...

We're growing by leaps and bounds! WVS is traveling to Chile and Peru in the spring to help set up virtual schools in both countries. Stay tuned for more news! Check out their new virtual schools under "Virtual Schools by Country" Visit www.world.. Read more »