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South America Virtual School

The South America Virtual School is a partnership project between the World Virtual School of the United States and the Kades Barnea Foundation and the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation of the Netherlands.

The goal and mission of these two foundations is to support durable relief projects for children who are psychologically, physically and sexually abused. The needs of the indivudual child are important: housing, food, education, medical and psychological help. With the assistance of the WVS, the South America Virtual School hopes to bring basic education to those who need it most so that they may join more fully in the global social, economic and political environment.

To request a class, or for more information, please contact our Director, Sarai Aser at admin@southamerica.wvs.us.com.

More information is also at:
http://latinamerica.wvs.us.com/ or http://southamerica.wvs.us.com/