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New website Kades Barnea (ELPF's sister organization) online

The renovation of the Kades Barnea website is empowering to sister organization ELPF. This new website made by Michel van der Sanden, makes transparant the allocation of financial donations into hard actions that were done by the Kades Barnea organization. In orderly fashion it communicates the many case successes which this nonprofit organization has already helped make possible so far.

Visit their website at www.kades-barnea.org.   

Common believe and goals

For ELPF there is a close connection to Kades Barnea. The goal and mission of these two nonprofit foundations are to support durable relief projects for children who are psychologically, physically and sexually abused. The needs of the individual child are important: housing, food, education, medical and psychological help. Kades Barnea aids to foreign projects by means of financial resources, also advises on increasing the level of proficiency and sharing its expertise. The ELPF more typically through photographic expression, creates opportunities for talented children abroad. Both organizations share the common goal to avoid social unrest and improve lives for children in Latin American countries. Also they share the same founder, Mrs. Sarai-Aser de Kruijf.

Global policy

It is in these times when issues like sustainabilty, durablity, increased globilization and corporate social responsibility are top-of-mind for companies, also our governments act to specific human fundamentals. In september 2000, 189 member states came together at the Millenium Summit and adopted the Millenium Declaration, including commitments to poverty eradication, development, and protecting the environment. Many of these commitments were drawn from the agreements and resolutions of world conferences and summits organized by the United Nations during the preceding decade. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) focus the efforts of the world community on achieving significant, measurable improvements in people's lives by the year 2015. ELPF reckognizes the need for action and conforms to a set of desired targets. And is likewise a proud sister organization to Kades Barnea.   

Citizens Involvement (crowd funding)

Consumer donations to smaller charitative initiatives by citizens are increasingly becoming more popular. Social Media can make this form of charity insightful, become personal and fun. It makes it easy to care about every childs future and make it our daily concern. Both Kades Barnea and ELPF use Flickr, Facebook and Twitter to stay in contact with their stakeholder groups and keep them involved. 

By means of an effortless Paypal direct Donation button, it is the start to approachable crowd funding projects for both the websites at:
http://www.kades-barnea.org and http://www.elphotographersfoundation.org.

Special thanks

The webeditor of this website congratulates Kades Barnea on this wonderfull achievement. With special thanks to Michel van der Sanden for his skills and work done. Also for Mrs. Sarai Asers’ inspiration, who’s dream is becoming more reality each day.

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