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New website Euro Latin Photographers Foundation officially online

The new website of our Euro Latin Photographers Foundation (ELPF) is now officially online. 
This 2.0 version of the website it integrates Social Media, news and information, fresh content, and of course a great new look. We at ELPF highly value transparancy as part of our mission statement, and this website allows you to govern all our inititiatives and activities even better.
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By means of photography, ELPF's aim is to help, mostly children in Latin and South American countries, to fulfill a career they ambition. Through artistic expression and culture, together with the help of ELPF, our aim is to create a firm identity, which on its turn can play a crucial part to counter social inequality for those who earn far below minumum wage. Our hope is to give chances to those that experience hunger, disease and/or abuse. To create opportunities that typically do not accrue to the poor. And to help find their way in the future into a globalised world. We believe this is important.