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Delphic Games III, Jeju

In 2009 the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation attended the Delphic Games in Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Corea. 

"Similar to the Olympic idea which unites people worldwide in their excitement for sports, the Delphic Games of the Modern Era are uniting people of all nations through arts and culture. They offer a unique forum for a peaceful dialogue of all cultures. By preserving national and ethnical identity the Delphic Games are strengthening basic humanistic values, the worldwide cultural network and the international peace process." 

The Delphic Games and the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation (ELPF), we share common values. Artistic expression and culture, are important to the ELPF. They can help create a firm identity, and can play a crucial part to counter social inequality for those who earn far below minumum wage. Our hope is to give chances to those that experience hunger, disease, abuse, and create opportunities that typically do not accrue to the poor. To help find their way in the future in a globalised world.

A photo impression of the Delphic Games is our Flickr photo album here