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Arte + Fe International Exhibition Portugal 2012

In September Arte + Fe is showing in Portugal. At the Arte + Fe (faith) 2012 exhibition, professional international artists, show their religious subjects to the public. The 2nd of September is the official opening at the Sala do Risco in Lisbon. The exposition was previously held at the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid.

On behalf of the Euro Latin Photographers Foundation, the Netherlands, 
President and founder Sarai Aser de Kruijf will be attending this exposition. Also her work as a professional artist Virginidad will be on display at the exposition.

In this gallery at the Sala do Risco, contemporary art plays a crucial role from visual arts of faith by artists from all over the world. It is their hope that this inspired art, by means of a re-occuring gallery show, may find its way to the high- and byways of our culture and artists need not work in isolation anymore.

The Arte + Fe it is in a historical building which belongs to the municipality of Lisbon and used to house the city´s Art & Design Museum. A private Foundation, the Centro Cultural Pedro Hispano, helps support organising the exposition in Portugal. Two other big cities after Madrid and Lisbon are expected to house the exposition next, amongst those is Rio de Janero.

More about the Exposição · Exhibition: http://www.fabricoproprio.net/exposicao/