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Lydia Taihuttu


Lydia Taihuttu    


Name: Lydia Taihuttu

Residence: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Education: Communication Studies (M.Sc.) at University of Twente, Enschede

Profession: communication specialist

Activities: PR and communication of Kades Barnea Foundation

Hobbies: music, travelling, photography

I love to travel all over the world. I've seen many beautiful and impressive sights in Indonesia, Chile, South-Africa, Liberia, Grand Cayman and the USA. There are a lot of places I still want to explore and register with my camera. Nature speaks to me about the greatness, beauty and mercy of a wonderful Creator. Some things cannot be captured in words, you have to see and experience it. An image can make you silent, stand still and wonder. It is true; a picture can say more than a thousand words.